The higher powered and significantly faster PA-42-1000 is basically similar to the PA-42-720 except for its far more powerful 745kW (1.000hp) Garrett TPE331 turboprops driving four blade propellers. Piper's largest and fastest production aircraft to date, the PA-42-1000 was initially called the Cheyenne IV, before becoming known as the Cheyenne 400LS, and then simply the Cheyenne 400. 
First flown on February 23 1983, the Cheyenne 400 was delivered from late 1984. Production of the PA-42 ended in February 1993.
Country of Origin
United States of America
PA-42-1000 Cheyenne 400LS - Two 1225kW (1645shp) derated to 745kW (1.000shp) Garrett TPE331-14A/Bs driving four blade Hartzell props.
PA-42-1000 - Max speed 650km/h (351kt), max cruising speed 594km/h (320kt), economical cruising speed 506km/h (273kt). Initial rate of climb 3.242ft/min. Range at max cruising speed 3,015km (1.630nm), range at economical cruising speed 3.500km (1.890nm).
PA-42-1.000 - Empty 3412kg (7.522lb), max takeoff 5466kg (12.050lb).
PA-42-1000 - Same except for height 5.18m.
Two pilots on flight deck,. Typical seating for six in main cabin in corporate configuration. Can be configured as an AIR AMBULANCE with one or two stretchers and two medical attendants.
Total manufactured 43 400s.
Twin turboprop corporate transport
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