AIR AMBULANCE crews consist of trained personnel, whom are given further specific training following successful selection from dozens of candidates.

DOCTORS: Anaesthesiologists/Resuscitators with at least two years of experience in their specialty, always provide assistance in accordance with their hospital commitments, because we believe that a doctor should always maintain professionalism at the highest level.

NURSES: Young professionals with years of experience in intensive care units and emergency.

Our patients are monitored and assisted during flight then a medical report is written and passed on to medical staff on arrival at the Hospital this is part of the continuous care and attention offered and delivered to clients and policyholders.

This is our working standard. We receive dozens of applications and CVs weekly from professionals wanting to join our elite team; however the turnover of our doctors is minimal due to our staff finding their work professionally charming and full of emotion thus installing a very passionate attitude and approach to their work.
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