We are the only company that offers emergency rescue via land, air and sea.

We work with national ambulance services as well as our various other trusted partners including:
- Croce Rossa Italiana (the largest national reality);
- Misericordia di Firenze (the oldest in Tuscany);
- Ital Enferm (the best known in Milan);
- Sea (known in Rome for assistance in film);
and many other Italian and foreign medical service providers, allowing us to offer what others simply cannot.
A service executed by only one operator where the patient is taken from bed to bed with deliveries made ​​only by our medical team, which will transport the patient from one facility to another without further steps or unprofessional clinical conditions.
Our modern vehicles have become the benchmark for many organizations due to the quality of the equipment available on board and the high quality service delivered day by day to hundreds of patients.
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