A plane AIR AMBULANCE is fully configured as a small intensive care unit, with one or two Spectrum Aeromed or Lifeport beds accompanied by 3,600 litres of oxygen and a wide range of devices and principals of the latest generation in Wi-Fi and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) transmission. All the best health care products and features are available to patients on board our aircraft.

This makes us a national and international reference point for leading companies to test the latest equipment designed to improve patient transportation. The crew and medical staff on board our aircraft feel completely at ease and safe in the knowledge that, even at 13,000 metres above sea level, they have the best and latest medical equipment and technology at their disposal just as they would in any high quality hospital. Each plane has 2 pilots that undergo periodic training in accordance to the principal companies of pilot training, CAE and Flight Safety, where they perform safety manoeuvres regularly and continuously.

All aircraft are checked and verified by the local authorities and are maintained by major companies servicing Europe.
Medical escort
The air ambulance services are very expensive therefore we advise our clients, where possible, to choose flights on airliners.
First of all, we assess the feasibility and advisability of the flight line, taking into consideration the nature of the disease or logistical problems, the complexity of the connections or connections that require international airports and...
Back in health
When there are no other alternatives, when you have tried all other options available or when conditions do not offer the safe and fast transportation you need, then itís time to use an Air Ambulance.
We have specially configured private aircraft as mobile intensive care units, with medical equipment and technology of the latest generation. In addition to this we have carefully selected highly skilled and trained professional staff...
Neonatal transfer

Thanks to the new Dräger Globetrotter TI 500, the latest in mobile infant incubation technology, a special Neonatal Team is able to respond to and transport patients extremely quickly and effectively enabling the team to transfer the most delicate patients safely to specialised infant care centres, worldwide...

Organ transportation
AIR AMBULANCE has long been partners with Italian and foreign hospitals and universities with proven efficiency and punctuality for the transport of their medical teams carrying out organ removal.
When human organs are needed for emergency transplants, AIR AMBULANCE is assigned the task of carrying the required organ with speed, efficiency and punctuality...
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